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Falmencodanza 🗓

Falmencodanza 🗓


Tuesday 12th March at 7pm

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Flamencodanza is more than just a show—it’s a breathtaking journey that transports the audience to the heart of Flamenco culture. With its fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, it showcases the enduring power of artistic expression.. The synergy between Bayaz and Mannola, evident in their remarkable performances and captivating visuals, underscores the profound impact of artistic collaboration. Their shared passion and consummate skill resonate deeply, leaving an enduring impression on every fortunate spectator.” Brandon Daynes

Flamencodanza is an international duo collaboration based in Spain, that started five years ago at the Avignon Festival in France.  Elements of Flamenco, Brazilian music and jazz give the music a variety of colours. These elements fuse together in a unique manner producing an award-winning show with beauty and inspiration. The contemporary flamenco dance is made of strength, elegance and beauty.

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