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Hunter Gillies đź—“

Hunter Gillies đź—“

Friday 17th September

Hunter Gilles Vocalist Cher Hunter, Lead Stephan Guitar Gilles, Bassist Daz Hunter, and Drummer Harry Binskin, will take you on a journey through the origins and classics of Blues, joining it up to modern day music and all the livin’ influences, touchin’ on the cousins and sisters of the Blues, playin’ some soul infused rock, gospel and a bit of Jazz to spice it up!  From Etta James to Gin Wigmore, Hunter Gilles will get you on your feet and feed your soul!

Harry Binskin on drums has just before the lockdown returned from a four year stint in the UK. He toured there nationwide and even performed in a support band at the Royal Albert Hall. Stephan Gilberg lead guitarist, playing acoustic, slide and electric (stage name Steve Gilles) has had the pleasure to perform in two previous Arts Festivals on the Mainstage events, this was with Big Daddy Wilson in 2017 and with Greg Copeland in 2019.
He organised and took part in both nationwide tours with those two overseas artists. On the last tour in 2019 we performed at 4 Arts Festivals throughout the country (Kokomai / Hawke’s Bay / Nelson / Tauranga) amongst a total of 27 shows NZ wide.
Cher Hunter on lead vocals, and Daz Hunter on bass have performed in three Arts Festivals, and toured with Hunter Gilles just this year in March/April and opened for the touring band in the International Blues Music Day last month. Cher was the guest backup singer at the 2019 Arts Festival show with Greg Copeland on the Festival main stage and was the lead singer for originals band Medicine Woman and one of the many singers in the 15 piece band Level Three from CHCH.

Tickets available HERE

Dinner from 5pm

Doors open from 7pm for gig.

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