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Just Dance! 🗓

Just Dance! 🗓

 Wednesday 8th September

DJ MA is back at The Boathouse come join her for some ecstatic dance!

Get ready to journey into the space, the pause, the gap found thru dance.
Please come around 6:45 so we can all begin together at 7-9pm.
We will complete the journey with a unique and powerful “gong bath”.
Since the age of 17, which is quite a few years ago now, Rebecca has been joyfully sharing that which has inspired her life.
Exstatic Dance is a form of dance in which the dancers, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. Ecstatic Dance is freeing your mind and body, and connecting with yourself and others in a safe and healthy space. It boosts your mood, memory, immune system and creates new neural pathways in your brain by integrating the body and mind with sound, movement and emotion.

Meaning of MA

1) Ma is that which nourishes us and loves us unconditionally

2) A beautiful Japanese concept!

The Japanese concept of Ma is something that relates to all aspects of life. It has been described as a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space. Ma is the fundamental time and space life needs to grow. If we have no time, if our space is restricted, we cannot grow. How we spend our time and shape the space we live in directly effects the quality of our life. These principles are universal, when practiced they enhance the way we think and how we engage with our family, friends, artistic creations and our attitude to life.

Door Sales from 6:45pm.

Time: 7pm-9pm.

Cost: $15

Scheduled Live Music