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Rebuild Latest

Rebuild Latest

It’s been a long time between rebuild updates and we’re very happy to share that there has been some great progress and the build is gaining momentum.

There were some slight delays with procuring the timber and making sure that the very best and prudent job is completed.  This is balanced with making the most of the opportunity to make necessary upgrades to The Boathouse so that the community can enjoy it for another hundred years and more.

The team at You Build continue to lead the project onsite and a diligent committee of shareholders meet weekly and more to make important decisions in the best interest of the building.  Another committee of equally committed members meet weekly and concentrate on fundraising. On top of this we have some fantastic people, both members and folk from the community, being very generous with their time and skills and donations towards fundraising events.

  • The kitchen floor is complete. This is compiled of one layer of recycled matai floor boards from the old main hall floor and marine oiled ply. This will be covered by vinyl which brings the flooring in this room up to code. The plumbing and wiring in this room is in process and the gas is installed.
  • The bathroom floor is laid. This is beautiful hard beech, sourced from Karamea via Logs2Lumber. The bathroom has been treated to a new design thanks to the kind and clever hands of Arthouse Architects. Ladies, you gain a booth!
  • The bar design is confirmed and room for another keg has been made. This gives us another beer on tap. The original facades have been saved and will be reused. The floor for this will be elevated and will go down in the next fortnight.The chandelier is being repaired.
  • The seaward facing deck has huge bearers that are being both repaired and replaced depending on condition. The scaffold is up to work on this and You Build are working on this as the tide allows.
  • The South West wall is complete and will be given a fresh coat of paint very shortly as will the roadside front white of the building.
  • The store area flooring is nearly complete and is another area completed with recycled boards. The office and family room are the next focus area for flooring on that side of the building.
  • Last but not least the flooring in the hall is now all in the building, oiled with Natural House products, stacked and the majority of it is now laid in place, ready for the lengthy nailing process to begin. Dean Hawkins and his team are our flooring specialists and the You Build team have worked tirelessly getting the bones of the building straight and the timber prepped.

This has been a huge project and we are still expecting to open in the spring.

Your support of the events below makes a huge difference to the project. We are currently selling tickets to Mel Parsons and Jazz and Soul. Two great events. Grab your tickets online or the Theatre Royal for Mel, and Beggs for Jazz and Soul. It helps if you follow us on Facebook and share our page, events and updates. Another great way to support your beloved Boathouse is to join as a shareholding member. You can find some good information on the members page. 
The Boathouse office is still situated in the Boiler Room, 204 Hardy Street(above Lambretta’s). Send us an email on [email protected] and organise a time to come up for a catch up. We’d love to see you. There are a few summer booking dates left if you were thinking of a function at The Boathouse. If you’d like to nab one get in quick.

Thank for your ongoing support,
The Boathouse Team