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Tim Allen And The Two 🗓

Tim Allen And The Two 🗓

Tim Allen & The Two

$10 entry

Tim Allen is back!
Now with International touring Drummer Freddie Green (HINA, The Dirty Youth,
Lexxa) they ignite an explosive new single ‘Love is a pill’, which will be released on
Friday 19th March through Rubber Soul Recordings.
‘Love is a pill’ is the first taste of what you can expect from a rejuvenated artist with
the world in his sights. Epic in every sense of the word, the track fuses huge
sounds, raw feel and instantly memorable choruses.
Sweeping and yet punchy, emotive whilst taking no prisoners, ‘Love is a pill’ is the
sound of a band flexing their sonic muscles and demanding your attention resulting
in a powerful offering – It’s a must hear!

Dinner served from 5 – 8pm



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