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Tom Ashman Live 🗓

Tom Ashman live 🗓

Friday 18th October

Tom Ashman

Time- 7.30- late

Tickets- Free event.

Scottish musician Tom Ashman is set to play at The Boathouse in Nelson on Friday the 18th of October. The guitarist, singer-songwriter and music producer from the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland is currently performing in New Zealand as a solo act. Although previously has toured Scotland in bands as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist (rarely at the same time). His self-penned songs infuse grunge and punk elements under a broader banner of folk and rock, though this loose genre definition is prone to fluctuate. Tom has always been into the idea of DIY music making, using as little equipment and distractions as possible to convey a song from performer to audience, and having recently recorded his latest release ‘Degenerate’ on his laptop layering up each instrument. This gig will mark Tom’s first official concert in New Zealand, and he’s really looking forward to kicking things off at The Boathouse. Find Tom’s music on Spotify, itunes or anywhere else where music can be streamed and downloaded!

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